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Raymond ‘Toto’ Roche was the name of the man who, in the 1950s and 1960s, waved the flag at many of the World Championship races as well as dropping the flag at the start in the times before starting lights.  As this was typically done from the middle of the race track itself, such men were of considerable physical courage.  Toto Roche stood out particularly for his larger-than-life body as well as occupation.

It would be easy, then, to think this is a rearward-looking site, one which harks after the good old days.  It’s not.  However, it is a site which looks to explore the current in the contest of the past, rather than react with pie-eyed shock and surprise at every new development.

A lot of this will be list-based.  Unfortunately this is a by-product of the way that the author’s mind works.  I will, however, endeavour to make these lengthy rotes of name and number as entertainingly packaged as possible.

The fact that Toto Roche was primarily associated with Formula 1 should also give you some clue as to this site’s main focus.  Formula 1 will always be my chief area of interest in motor sport, but this is not to say I won’t touch on MotoGP, Superbikes, Touring Cars, IndyCar, Sportscars or any other excitement created by carbon emissions.

A word about the author:

I was born in 1980, am English and have been seriously following motor racing since 1994.   My all-time favourite driver is Damon Hill, probably because he was the leading British exponent of the art at a very impressionable age.   If one day Damon Hill were to read this blog and not sue me as a result, I will be a very happy man.

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